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FlexView Dual Field-of-View Lens (T300587)

Dual Field-of-View Lens f=17/29 mm

14° and 24° IR lens, f=17/29 mm
Dual field-of-view lens for FLIR T500-Series, T800-Series, and Exx-Series cameras

IR lens, f=5 mm (80°), T300805

80-degree FOV lens

The FLIR 80-degree lens provides an unmatched wide field-of-view, giving you the ability to inspect large targets and in tight spaces. This lens is compatible with FLIR Exx, T5xx, T8xx, Axxx-Series Smart Sensor, Axxx-Series Imaging Streaming, and A500f/A700f Advanced Smart Sensor thermal cameras.
If you are adding this lens to your existing FLIR thermal camera, your camera will need to be shipped to the nearest FLIR service center for calibration.