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FLIR End-to-End Security Solutions


Intrusions, security breaches, viral outbreaks, and environmental hazards on top of potential false alarms and low-quality video are all challenges security personnel face. Customers can address these issues head-on with FLIR security technologies that empower security personnel with the ability to detect, verify, respond, and report threats—leading to greater crime prevention and safer workplaces.

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Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure Starts with Securing your Perimeter

The FLIR Advantage

As the global leader in thermal technology, FLIR provides the highest quality thermal security cameras in the marketplace. Today, FLIR thermal cameras are the industry standard for 24/7 perimeter monitoring. In addition to thermal, FLIR is known for its first-class radars, visible cameras, elevated skin temperature screening solutions, video management systems, and command and control software for security applications.

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How to Improve Perimeter Intrusion Detection with an End-to-End Solution

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Case Study

San Jose Airport Secures Perimeter with FLIR End-to-End Solution

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4 Ways United VMS Improves 24/7 Video Access, Tracking, and Health

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Resources and Support
Security Training Center

FLIR offers both online and in-person training services to ensure that you get the most out of your FLIR solution.

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raven site planning tool

The RAVEN Site Planning Tool simplifies project planning by allowing users to design their FLIR security system, making it indispensable to more than 1,500 security installation companies and integrators worldwide.

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Applications and Integration Center

FLIR Applications and Integration Center (AIC) experts analyze, design, and develop custom solutions integrating third-party products with FLIR UVMS so users can manage systems from a single operating platform.

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