Data to Optimize Your Buildings

Smart Buildings

Real-time Occupancy Data and People Flow Metrics

Optimize energy consumption including lighting, heating and air conditioning with real-time data and predictive occupancy data.

Smart Cities and Buildings

Optimize Energy Consumption: Reduce utility costs for heating, lighting, and equipment usage by understanding occupancy usage throughout the building

Maximize Space Usage: Increase worker productivity by providing optimum room layouts, the correct number of meeting rooms, and the right amenities.

Increase Occupant Comfort: Improve tenant experience and retention by providing ideal environmental conditions

Optimize Labor: Match maintenance and cleaning crew scheduling with metrics for amenities and building areas usage

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With over 260,000 installed devices, Teledyne is the most trusted people counting company in the world. Our team has the experience to help you.

High Accuracy, Low Maintenance People Counting Device

With it's high level of accuracy Teledyne Brickstream 3D Gen2 sensor provides real time occupancy data you can trust. Advanced features include real-time Tailgating Alerts.

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