The Power of Deep Learning, in a Tiny Camera

On-Camera Inference

Automate Complex Decisions Faster with Artificial Intelligence

Teledyne Neuro Technology builds on 20 years of experience in machine vision to deliver easier to use, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to complex imaging problems. Neuro allows you to deploy your trained neural network directly to the camera and reduce system cost and complexity.

Deep Learning Made Easier

Deep learning is a powerful tool for system designers to quickly automate complex and subjective decision making and deliver higher quality products and improved productivity. Deploy your trained neural network to the Teledyne Firefly DL with Neuro technology and reduce system cost and complexity by making decisions on-camera without host PC. With its very small size, low weight and power consumption, the Firefly DL camera is ideal for embedding into mobile, desktop, and handheld systems.

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Inference on Edge with Firefly DL Camera

Deep learning inference will fundamentally change the way vision systems are designed and programmed. It will enable complex and subjective decisions to be made more quickly and accurately than would be possible using traditional rules-based approaches.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your First Deep Learning System

Use this easy-to-follow guide to build your first deep learning classification system from hardware choices, downloading free software, downloading a quality dataset, to uploading the neural network to Firefly DL.

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Best Practices: Training a Deep Learning Neural Network

Learn how to develop a dataset for classifying and sorting images into categories, which is the best starting point for users new to deep learning.

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