Get up to £1,500 off select FLIR K-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) by trading in your current TIC – any brand, any condition!


Upgrade your existing range of Firefighting Thermal Imaging Cameras (FLIR K-Series or other brands) to the current FLIR K-Series cameras and receive a big discount on the trade-in value - from now through to 31st December 2023!

To learn more and find the most suitable TIC for your needs, speak to one of our experts.


*This offer is only valid in the EMEA region and until 31st December 2023.



FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera (TIC) is indispensable. These vital tools help you see through smoke and monitor the fire's spread, so you can quickly visualize your plan of attack, locate hot spots, and save lives. FLIR’s expanded lineup of TICs gives you the most comprehensive view of the scene.



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