Reduce energy costs by ending hidden leaks

Reduce energy costs by ending hidden leaks


Find Compressed Air, Vacuum, CO2, and Other Gas Leaks

Today's soaring energy costs can have a huge impact on a company's bottom line, especially for manufacturers who rely on compressed air and vacuum systems or use gases such as carbon dioxide in their production process. When these systems leak—it's like money seeps out along with the air. So being able to see the system leaks, pinpoint the source, and even calculate the energy loss with a detection system is a game changer. 

The FLIR Si-Series are acoustic imaging cameras for leak detection: your perfect solution for locating pressurized leaks in compressed air systems, faults in vacuum systems, and CO2 leaks. Whether you choose the Si2-Pro, Si2-LD, Si124-LD Plus, or any Si-Series camera, our lightweight, one-handed cameras can help you identify efficiency loss and potential failures up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, and with minimal training.

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FLIR Si2-LD and Si2-Pro

Find leaks and analyze energy savings

Through a regular maintenance routine, the FLIR Si-Series can help facilities save money on utility bills and delay the expense of installing new compressors. 

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How Acoustic Leak Detection With the FLIR Si124 Can Benefit Your Industry

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Why Acoustic Imaging Detection?

It's a proactive stance against leaks

Compressed air may be cheap but the power needed to run faulty systems is not. By catching leaks through detection systems and sensors early, facilities crews have the opportunity to prevent further energy waste and can schedule repairs rather than risk shutting down operations to replace an entire system.

It pays for itself

Leak detection with an acoustic imager leads to improved energy efficiency and reduced costs, not only from repairs to compressed air and vacuum systems but also related to any expensive specialty gases that could be leaking during your production process. FLIR Si-Series acoustic imagers can calculate your energy savings while you're still in the field, so you can instantly see how soon you'll get a return on your investment

It finds leaks more accurately than traditional methods

FLIR Si-Series acoustic imaging cameras use machine learning to distinguish the other characteristics of the sound pattern created by leaks from the background. It is the same way you distinguish between a harmonica and a bell playing the same note. Combining that with the ability to actually see the leak on a screen allows technicians to pinpoint leak locations almost instantly.