Work Zone Enforcement: Faster & Safer

Acyclica is helping to make work-zones safer by providing real-time congestion management. By being able to monitor speeds in construction areas in real-time, contractors can respond to congestion events in real-time to increase the safety of their workers. They can warn workers as well as drivers ahead of time with variable message signs in real-time. Drivers can anticipate lower speeds and smaller roadways to allow safer passage through work zones.

In addition, cities and contractors can work more efficiently together by understanding how congestion builds and how it differs from day to day. This not only helps agencies plan where to expand streets or create new routes, but it helps to expedite construction projects by planning work hours around congestion rather than blocking off unnecessarily large chunks of time. 

See how Acyclica's Real-Time Traffic Services and Active Congestion Management can help make your work-zones safer today.

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