Active Congestion Management

Congestion Management and Mapping

Congestion is inevitable on roadways that many of us use every day. Whether an accident causes a disruption or coordination between signals has not been optimized, resulting congestion cascades and can be long-lasting.

Acyclica allows municipalities to map out and manage congestion in a time and cost effective manner. 


Signal Management

Acyclica provides advanced traffic engineering tools to optimize signal timing. Use Acyclica's Timing Plan Analysis report to provide insights on current timing plans and where there is room for improvement. Pair these studies with neighboring cities and municipalities to optimize signal-timing across an entire region including ICMPs. 

Day of the week analysis Acyclica

Intersection Delay Analysis

Acyclica has developed sophisticated algorithms designed to increase the accuracy of congestion measures for freeways, corridors and intersections. These real-time and historical tools simplify detailed congestion analysis at all of these locations. Users can easily calculate by approach or movement.

These tools are part of Acyclica's Signal Timing Module which provides analytics to improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure without building more!

Route analysis in Acyclica

Route and Segment Delay Analysis

Acyclica's travel-time algorithms provide insights for travel time along each segment of a route for any duration. Users can calculate delay along a route for every day of the week, report travel time from stop-bar to stop-bar, or compare any day of the week over the past months with just a few clicks.

Route segment and time analysis

Origin Destination Analysis

Use the origin destination (O-D) analytic for a cross-way intersection or throughout an entire city to see traffic flow patterns. O-D analysis is an effective tool to optimize the roadways of a city based on the understanding of where people want to go. The information provided by these tools can also help with new route planning, roadway expansion, signal timing, and much more.

OD Percentages in Acyclica graph

Use the origin-destination tool to monitor turning movement counts and percentages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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