Unmanned Forces, Innovation From Land to Air

Unmanned Systems

Increase Situational Awareness, Force Protection, and Decision Speed

Warfighters continue to face more diverse and evolving hazardous threats than ever before. That’s why we constantly innovate to outpace the enemy. With Teledyne FLIR leading the way in ground- and air-based unmanned systems, you can improve combat safety and effectiveness by increasing situational awareness and stand-off distance, while lightening your team’s physical and cognitive workload. From our array of rugged robotics to our nano-UAVs and VTOL UAS, Teledyne FLIR provides solutions specifically designed to protect and fortify the future force.

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Autonomous & Intelligent

With multiple embedded NVIDIA processors, the R80D is a flying supercomputer with an engine for real-time artificial intelligence at the network edge, including object detection and classification. Four dedicated computer vision cameras – upgraded to max available HD resolution on the latest R80D airframe - enable autonomous operations, landing on a moving target and flights in GPS-denied environments.

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Expand Your Reach: Throw. Assess. Act

FirstLook allows operations where other robots can’t fit or maneuver. This rugged, lightweight robot can be inserted into structures and provides operators with visual, audio, and sensor feedback before entry. The robot climbs small obstacles, overcomes curbs, turns in place and self-rights when flipped over.

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Throwable, Rugged Robot

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See Without Being Seen

With the ever-evolving battlefield, Soldiers confront a multifaceted operational landscape, pitting them against adversaries spanning near peers, hybrid threats, and even beyond Line-of-Sight (LoS) challenges. The Black Hornet 4 UAV swiftly provides situational awareness and enhances effectiveness while minimizing cognitive strain on soldiers.

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Black Hornet® 4

Airborne Personal Reconnaissance System for Dismounted Soldiers

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Put Distance Between Operators and Dangerous Situations

PackBot 525 easily climbs stairs and navigates narrow passages, relaying real-time video, audio, and sensor data while the operator remains at a safer stand-off distance. Deploys in under two minutes to assist with bomb disposal, surveillance and reconnaissance, CBRN detection, HazMat handling operations, and much more.

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PackBot 525

Man-transportable, Multi-Mission Robot