Which FLIR cameras are supported by the Atlas SDK?

Currently (2017-10-20), the following FLIR cameras are supported:

  • Ax5 series
  • A50 series
  • A70 seires
  • A3xx series
  • A400 series
  • A500 series
  • A6xx series
  • A700 series
  • Ax8
  • Cx series (Note: the C5 and C3-x cameras do not support radiometric streaming with the Atlas SDK.)
  • Ex Series
  • Exx series
  • ETS320
  • GF3xx series
  • G3xxa series
  • GF77
  • GF77a
  • G series
  • T4xx series
  • T5xx series
  • T6xx series
  • T8xx series
  • T1xxx series

More information about the Atlas SDK can be found here.

For making applications to the FLIR One, please use this site.

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