I am having trouble installing FLIR Tools. What can I try?

If you are in an IT-Managed environment, check with your IT Administrator to ensure that you have Administrator rights before following any of the steps below.

1.  Make sure you are installing the latest version of FLIR Tools from this link:

Note: If you have Windows XP, this version must be used:

2.  If the EXE installation fails, download the ZIP file to your PC.  Right-click on the ZIP file and "Extract All" to a new folder.  From the unzipped folder, double-click on "FLIR Tools.exe" to install.  The EXE can fail because it is a "web install" and must access an external website to download the required components.  The ZIP file contains all pre-requisites.

3.  Disable security software during the installation.  Certain anti-virus programs will detect some components as a threat and impede the installation.  Trend Micro is particularly problematic.

4.  If this still fails, download the ZIP file again with anti-virus disabled.  Some anti-virus software will scan ZIP files and remove components it deems a threat.

5.  Download the ISO file and create a CD.  You can use Roxio or similar software to "unpack" the ISO file and burn the contents onto a CD.  Then you can install FLIR Tools from the disc.

If your company blocks the download link, try to download the ZIP or ISO file from a PC that is outside of your corporate domain (e.g.: from a home PC or a public WiFi hot-spot).  You can save the file to a USB flash drive and then bring it to your work PC.

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