Why would someone buy a Cx-Series or an Ex-Series camera when a FLIR One Pro does pretty much the same job?

A: There are several reasons someone would buy a Cx-Series or Ex-Series over a FLIR One:

  • The FLIR ONE requires that you use your cell phone, and when it’s connected to the FLIR One it’s not exactly an industrial hardened tool. The C2, C3, C3-X, C5, and Ex are much more rugged than your cellphone.
  • Most buyers report that they want to pass the tool around to other users. The C2, C3, C3-X, C5, and Ex make this easy. Other team members could download the app, but not everyone carries the same type of phone.
  • The C2, C3, C3-X, C5, and Ex are more ergonomic that the FLIR ONE. Cell phones are hard to hold onto and have to be held by the edges when connected to the FLIR One. This is fine for quick inspections, but it’s not very good for longer inspections.
  • The battery life is more than twice that of a FLIR ONE (45 minutes on a FLIR ONE, 2 hours on a C2) and the Ex-Series has rechargeable, field replaceable batteries like other commercial tools.