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Thermal 160 × 120 Camera Probe with Rounded Tip (VSC-IR21)

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The FLIR VS290 Thermal Videoscope Kit is designed to help professionals in utility, building inspection, and manufacturing improve safety, productivity, and reduce diagnostic time. Use the VSC-IR21 camera probe with the FLIR VS290-00 to easily target hidden problems in difficult-to-access locations.

• 160 × 120 IR resolution
• 1 m with flex points
• Field replaceable
• Front-viewing cameras
• Probe tip dimensions: 19 mm diameter
• Probe with probe tip dimensions: 111.5 cm × 0.69 cm (43.9 × 0.3 in)

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Thermal 160 × 120 Camera Probe with Rounded Tip (VSC-IR21)