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Continuous Aircraft Operation for R70 & R80D Payload

Tether Kit

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The Tether Kit enables continuous operation of the aircraft and attached payloads delivering power and data for secure and RF-quiet operations. Payload lift capacity supports a broad spectrum of mission sets. Intelligent altitude management maximizes operational envelope while minimizing operator burden. Should a loss of tether power occur, the system will warn the operator and continue to fly on internal batteries until a low-power condition triggers either an automatic descent to a safe AGL altitude, or a safe auto-land.

  • Continuous power and communication to aircraft and payloads

    Enables continuous operations of R70 & R80D Block 2 aircraft and attached payloads delivering power and data for extended secure RF-quiet operation.

  • Multi-mission support

    Supports payloads up to 4.4 lbs. (2.0 Kg) enabling execution of a broad spectrum of static and on-the-move mission sets using advanced Teledyne FLIR and third-party payloads.

  • Unsupervised flight operations across evolving environmental conditions

    Wide range of possible mission set: use either Teledyne FLIR payloads or your own application-specific payload enabled by the Payload Development Kit (PDK).

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Tether Kit