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Medium Range HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System


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The TacFLIR 280-HDEP is an essential system for ground vehicle surveillance and fixed installations. With an all-new stabilized payload assembly for enhanced reliability, the TacFLIR 280-HDEP is ready for a variety of land missions, and the modular and scalable control electronics unit (CEU) is capable of hosting powerful video processing and Aided Target Recognition (AiTR), as well as third-party algorithms. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of military operations, the system delivers best-in-class EO/IR imagery and optional Display Interface Boards (DIB) which allow the operator to stream up to four independent video streams. In addition, there is also a removable terabyte hard drive w/DVR to record over 80 hours of compressed video and 250 screen captures.

  • Modular, Scalable Computing Power

    Optional high-performance COTS COM Express computing and Graphical Processor Unit for advanced image processing and support of third-party algorithms.

  • Reliability and Ruggedness

    Designed to IP-rating and MIL-STDs for Environmental and EMI, and with improved high-performance electronics to enhance durability, pointing accuracy, whether stationary or on-the-move, and more.

  • Mission Flexibility

    Mission support for ISR on-the-move or stabilized, SAR, covert OPS and more make TacFLIR 280-HDEP an essential system for nearly any scenario.

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Export Restrictions

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