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Long-Range Zoom Imaging Payload


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The StormCaster-E is a fully integrated electro-optical camera payload designed for demanding applications that require clear and precise imagery across daylight and low light conditions.
As a member of our next generation payload family, the StormCaster-E represents a significant leap in imaging performance, line of sight stabilization and range of motion – in a rugged low SWaP-C package.
The modularity of the StormCaster payload family facilitates interoperability and rapid interchange of payloads across the SkyRanger R70 and R80D SkyRaider platforms while leveraging continuously evolving aircraft performance, intelligence and set of available accessories.

  • Next Generation Imaging Technology

    Improved lens, image sensor and ISP support high image quality across the zoom range.

  • Superior Low Light Performance

    Extends effective operational utility into twilight and backlit nighttime conditions.

  • On-Board AI Processor

    On-board Xavier NX supports evolution of enhanced image processing thereby offloading and reducing the reliance on aircraft processors.

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Export Restrictions

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