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Man-Portable Mid-Range Ground Surveillance Radar

Ranger® R8SS

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Man-portable Ranger® R8SS electronically-scanned, mid-range radars detect and track personnel and vehicles up to 18 kilometer ranges. Light and small, the Ranger R8SS provides best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance in a form factor that fits in a backpack or is easily mounted to a vehicle or permanent structure as part of an integrated solution. The low false alarm rate and extremely reliable operation builds operator trust and yields high operational availability.

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  • Complete perimeter security

    Extremely fast 4X scanning/second per panel means nothing gets missed. On a pan-tilt mount, 360° scanning/sec quickly detects any ground threat from any direction.

  • High-performance ground surveillance

    Built-in GPS and North finding capability, automatic target tracker and classification, and low false alarm rate deliver best-in-class performance.

  • Fast, accurate threat detection

    Panel Radars quickly detects more than 500 threats simultaneously while accurately displaying each target's location.

Man-portable and easy to integrate

Man-portable and easy to integrate

The FLIR Ranger R8SS can be transported in a backpack of a dismounted soldier and draws only 135W, giving it extreme deployment flexibility. With four mounting bolts and a single cable, the radar is easy to install in fixed installations.

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