Portable, Mid-Range, Pan/Tilt Multi-Sensor with Spotlight

FLIR Ranger MS Illuminator

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The Ranger MS Illuminator is a unique deterrence system that combines a daylight/low-light CCD camera with a high-power spotlight to detect, deter and immobilize intruders. The spotlight illuminator is available in 12 million-candlepower (MCP), and can detect and temporarily disorient intruders within a one-mile radius. When paired with a FLIR millimeter wave radar, it becomes a powerful addition for detecting and visibly illuminating intruders, showing security forces where to respond.

Enhances situational awareness and strengthens standoff protection

  • Non-lethal Deterrence Mode

    The Illuminator’s high-powered strobe light temporarily blinds or disorients intruders, and alerts unwanted traffic to steer clear of restricted areas.

  • Flexible Pan-tllt Visibility

    The pan-tilt mounted spotlight and CCD camera provides continuous 360° coverage, illuminating and showing security forces where to respond.

  • Easy Installation and Integration

    Install with just four screws and one cable. Integrate with existing networks, and interface with VMD, UGS, and other trigger sensors.

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FLIR Ranger MS Illuminator