Pan/Tilt Unit for side-mounted payloads up to 70 lbs


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The PTU-D300 E-Series supports any type of single or multi-part payload through a flexible bracketing system of top and/or side mounting. Easy to integrate, the PTU-D300 E-Series is an open platform that provides the flexibility needed while minimizing your development and integration effort. The PTU-D300 E-Series has been proven in a wide range of mission critical applications for positioning of cameras, lasers, antennas, or other instruments in both fixed and mobile environments.

Tough, Flexible, Programmable Pan/Tilt

  • High Performance with Hefty Payloads

    With payload capacity up to 25 pounds and precise positioning, D300E pan/tilts have a wide range of pan speeds for smooth, precise 360° control.

  • Rugged Precision Pointing

    Precise, real-time control of position, speed, and acceleration — plus a rigid worm gear design — provides steady positioning in windy environments and vehicle-mounted applications.

  • Powerful Performance

    With integrated Ethernet and Web interfaces, increased command rates, reduced jitter, and advanced microstep control, D300E pan/tilts provide advanced performance at affordable prices.

Max Pan Speed
Max Payload Weight [nominal]
Side Mount: 70 lb Top Mount: 35 lb
Max Tilt Speed
Min Pan Speed
Min Tilt Speed
Pan Range
Programmable up to +/- 168° or 360° continuous
Position Resolution
Tilt Range
Programmable up to +30° to -90° from upright (120° range) (up to +/-90° with side mount , if specified at time of order)
Electrical & Mechanical
Payload Mounting
Single/dual-side mount, top mount

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