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Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Diode Array

VCSEL Laser Array

Model: VCSEL Chip 100mW Go to Product Support

High-reliability Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) array in various levels of integrations, from die level to packaged header with optics and laser driver electronics. Customer-specific solutions produce unmatched speckle-free and uniform beam quality, ideal for laser illumination, industrial and materials processing, LIDAR, and structured light applications such as gesture and scene recognition. Offers standard VCSEL arrays producing up to 650 mW of continuous wave optical output power in TO-46, TO-56, and TO-39 packages; however, custom power, wavelength, packages, and system integration are also available and are ready to support your mission.

  • Multiple Waveband Options

    NIR and SWIR illumination options are available for a variety of tactical operations.

  • Low Speckle Illumination

    Uniform spatial illumination in a circular illumination pattern with low speckle, while also delivering low weight, high efficiency, and high reliability.

  • Low SWaP, High Power

    Designed for SWaP-sensitive platforms, the CLI products provide speckle-free illumination through use of proprietary VCSEL technology in passively cooled compact packages.

Beam Divergence [20°C, Pop]
Drive Current [20°C, Pop]
140 mA
Emission Diameter
0.15 mm
Forward Voltage [20°C, Pop]
2.1 V
Monitor Photodiode
Optical Output Power [20°C, Pop]
100 mW
Slope Efficiency [20°C, Pop]
0.76 W/A
Spectral Width [20°C, Pop]
1 nm
Threshold Current [20°C, Pop]
15 mA
Wall_Plug Efficiency [20°C, Pop]
Wavelength [20°C, Pop]
840, 860 nm
Wavelength Shift [20°C, Pop]
0.075 nm/°C
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VCSEL Laser Array - Model: VCSEL Chip 100mW

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