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30 W VCSEL-Based Compact Laser Illuminator


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VCSEL-based Compact Laser Illuminator (CLI) is a high power, pulsed laser illuminator capable of up to 30 W of peak output power. Designed for SWaP-sensitive platforms, the CLI provides speckle-free illumination in a passively cooled compact package. Currently available in the NIR band at 860 nm and the SWIR band at 1060 nm, the CLI is controlled through a serial port and operates from 8 up to 1000 Hz.

  • Speckle-Free Illumination

    Uses proprietary Vertical-Cavity, Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology

  • Low Divergence Beam

    Improved eye-safety from VCSELs over conventional laser diodes

  • Power, Efficiency, Reliability

    30 W peak output power, 2 power set options, variable brightness control

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