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Intelligent Video Detection Management Software for Optimizing Urban and Inter-Urban Traffic Applications

FLIR Cascade

Model: FLIR Cascade and Plugins Support Per Channel - 1 year subscription Go to Product Support
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FLIR Cascade is our next-generation platform for turning raw data, incident records, and alerts from your entire fleet of FLIR traffic detectors into actionable insights for you and your team. Cascade gathers traffic information from an entire camera system and collects it in one place—like having a traffic control center at your fingertips—and it's smart enough to alert on only relevant events so you can focus where it counts. Advanced algorithms allow Cascade to assess and prioritize events as they happen across multiple cameras, reducing unwanted alarms. A network connection, PC, and browser are all you need to access Cascade's state-of-the art traffic management solution, and it integrates easily with both FLIR traffic detectors and third party systems. Take the complexity out of traffic management and make faster, more informed decisions that keep vehicles moving—and drivers safer.

  • Data Organization for Any Size Operation

    Manages road data, incident records, alerts, and video clips in one place, collected from up to 300 FLIR traffic sensors (standalone) or unlimited sensors (cluster installations)

  • Open Design with Custom Integration

    Seamlessly integrates with other platforms, including SCADA, traffic management and regulation systems, and video management systems

  • Relevant Alerts Only

    Make informed decisions that enhance roadway safety and efficiency thanks to intelligent event filtering

User Interface
FLIR Cascade and Plugins Support per channel - 1 Year subscription
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Export Restrictions

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FLIR Cascade - Model: FLIR Cascade and Plugins Support Per Channel - 1 year subscription

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