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Airborne Personal Reconnaissance System for Dismounted Soldiers

Black Hornet® 4

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The Black Hornet 4 is the next generation in covert UAV capabilities, and swiftly provides situational awareness and enhances effectiveness while minimizing cognitive strain on soldiers. The drone incorporates a high-resolution Thermal Imager (TI), an Electro Optical (EO) camera with exceptional low-light capabilities. Operators also benefit from an extended range and heightened resilience. Flight performance has been augmented by new obstacle avoidance capabilities and an advanced battery. The Black Hornet 4 redefines reconnaissance capabilities, empowering soldiers with critical insights for mission success.

  • Squad-Level Immediate Covert Situational Awareness

    Save lives and minimize collateral damage. Detect and identify threats day and night without being detected. Increase operational tempo and expand maneuver options.

  • Non-Specialist Nano UAV System

    A total system weight of 1.3kg and small enough for dismounted soldier to carry on a utility belt, Black Hornet PRS deploys easily, with minimal training required.

  • Resilient

    MIL-STD-810.H compliant the Black Hornet 4 PRS G3 is wind tolerant up to 25 knots + gust (13m/s) and multi-mission capable ground speeds up to 10 m/s.

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Export Restrictions

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Black Hornet® 4