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Chemical Agent Disclosure Spray

Agentase C2

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Agentase C2 chemical agent disclosure spray (ADS) is the most sensitive detection technology available. It complements electronic sensors by providing the ability to map chemical agent contamination for emergency response missions, as well as aid in the decontamination of personnel or equipment after exposure to CWAs, specifically nerve agents (G- & V-series) and sulfur mustard (HD). Agentase C2 can be used at many stages of the hazard management process to minimize spread of contamination.

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  • Most Sensitive Chemical Point Detector

    Detects sub-microgram levels of chemical agents within five minutes and reveals exact location of agent on surface

  • Complements Other Chemical Sensing Technologies

    Non-destructive spray allows for sample extraction and analysis via GC/MS during forensic investigations

  • Multi-Purpose and Easy-to-Use

    Spray options include standard, forensic, fluorescent, and cold weather and are offered in two applicator sizes; one-hour training

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Agentase C2