Cat S62 Smartphone Features Latest Lepton Thermal Camera Module

New Ruggedized Phone Includes FLIR’s Most Advanced Lepton 3.5 Micro Thermal Camera and MyFLIR Pro App

For professionals who spend the bulk of their working hours outside of the office, regular mobile phones often don’t have the tools required or the ruggedized design to survive on the job.

That’s why Bullitt Group, the global licensee for Cat® phones, unveiled this week its third generation thermal imaging smartphone, the Cat S62, featuring the highest resolution FLIR Lepton® ever embedded in a phone, the Lepton 3.5.

While offering four times the thermal resolution of previous thermal imaging enhanced Cat phones, the device also features the new MyFLIR® Pro® app to help get work done.

The app includes VividIR, a proprietary FLIR imaging processing technique, to improve image quality.  Enhanced MSX® allows users to adjust the intensity of the edge details from the visible camera that are overlaid onto the thermal image, providing overall greater situational awareness and context.

For additional image processing, users can blend the thermal image with the visible image captured on the Sony dual-pixel camera through the visible-to-thermal alpha blending option. These features create greater context and understanding for the user to quickly diagnose issues invisible to the naked eye, including spotting the source of hidden water leaks in a home or locating a failing bearing during a factory maintenance inspection.

MyFLIR® Pro® also includes analytic and reporting features typically found in higher-end, dedicated thermal imaging products. This includes isotherm and isotherm alarming (anything between -20°C to +400°C), minimum and maximum temperature flag region of interest indicators, and exportable PDF reports.

Not only does the device include advanced thermography features for seeing and interpreting the world beyond human vision, the device is built for all-day use in the most rugged and extreme physical environments. Waterproof rated for up to 35 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters, it surpasses an ingress protection rating of IP68, and US military standard, Mil Spec 810H, all powered by a robust 4,000mAh battery.  

While maintaining a rugged formfactor, the Cat S62 is 12 percent more compact while sporting a 10 percent larger screen that its predecessor. The device runs on Android 10 with Android Enterprise capabilities, including Zero-Touch, offering enterprise-wide bulk workforce deployment and eliminating the need for IT teams to manually configure each unit.

Visit for exclusive pre-order and launch information coming in August.

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