FLIR Ignite


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1 GB


10 GB Storage

£25 / year

100 GB Storage

£99 / year

1,000 GB Storage

Best Value

£159 / year

Features of FLIR Ignite Storage Plans

  • Automatically back up images to FLIR Ignite
  • Organize, rename, move, copy, and store images and videos
  • Share files via password-protected links with customers or colleagues
  • Securely store files in FLIR Ignite and access them from your computer, phone, or tablet
  • Edit images from anywhere (add notes, rotate images, edit isotherms, and more)
  • Access images from FLIR Thermal Studio or other reporting software with FLIR Ignite Sync
  • Eliminate USB cables and external drives
  • Create searchable folders to stay organized
  • Create simple reports directly in Ignite or using FLIR Thermal Studio
  • Share up to 1,000 folders with up to 1,000 collaborators (paid plans only)
  • Control access to determine who can see what

Automatic upload feature currently works with select FLIR cameras: T5xx-Series, T8xx-Series, Exx-Series, FLIR One-Series, GF77, and Cx-Series

Subscription FAQs


    You cannot sign up for auto-renew when you first subscribe to an Ignite extended storage plan; however, before your first year subscription expires, you will receive an email notification which will give you the option to set your subscription to auto-renew.
    You will need to add a preferred payment method at this time for recurring payments.

  • Can I upgrade my subscription?

    Yes. To upgrade to a larger storage plan, simply click the “Subscribe Now” button on the storage plan you want to upgrade to, and you will be taken directly to the checkout cart. Your additional storage will become available immediately.

  • Can I downgrade my subscription?

    If you want to switch to a plan with less storage, you should wait until your current subscription expires. No refunds are issued when you downgrade to a smaller plan from a larger plan in the middle of a subscription. If you switch to a plan with less storage than you have saved in your Ignite account, you will not be able to upload any new images until you have freed up enough space.

  • Can I buy more than one storage plan?

    You can only have one active plan connected to your Ignite account, a maximum of 1000 GB of storage.

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