Take Your Inspections to the Next Level

Whether you're in the planning stage, the live inspection stage, or the assessment stage, FLIR software solutions are perfect for improving the entire inspection process.

Three great options to improve inspection efficiency




FLIR Route Creator: Your path to faster, safer, and more efficient inspections


Complete inspections more efficiently and reduce your reporting time by 50% with the FLIR Route Creator plugin for FLIR Thermal Studio Pro

  • Build an inspection path from every location survey that you can either print or download and run from your FLIR Thermal camera*
  • Use these routes to acquire temperature data and thermal images in a logical sequence
  • Create lists of assets you need to inspect at each location, organized in the most efficient order
  • Automate data management and maintain historical records for improved predictive maintenance
  • Upload images, data, and notes directly into your report templates, cutting your reporting time in half

*Pre-installed on FLIR Exx-Series, T500-Series, T800-Series, and T1000-Series cameras produced after October 8, 2020. Available for purchase for older Exx-Series and T-Series cameras.


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FLIR Ignite: Access, upload, and edit your thermal images anywhere, and at any time

Automatically upload images and video to the cloud where you can edit, organize, store, and share data from select FLIR thermal cameras*


  • Wirelessly upload images and video from your FLIR thermal camera to your Ignite account
  • Access files from your computer or mobile device whenever you need it
  • Edit and organize files while in the field
  • Share files with coworkers and clients
  • Sync files on your computer with FLIR Thermal Studio Suite and FLIR Route Creator

    *Automatic upload feature currently works with select FLIR cameras: T5xx-Series, T8xx-Series, Exx-Series, FLIR ONE-Series, GF77, and Cx-Series






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FLIR Thermal Studio Suite: Advanced analysis and reporting software


Streamline inspections, automate data collection, and simplify image editing



  • Manage thousands of thermal images and video at once with batch processing
  • Create tailor-made reports with predefined, custom templates
  • Export reports as an XPS spreadsheet or PDF document without the need for additional software (e.g. Microsoft Office)
  • Streamline inspection workflows and simplify reporting with FLIR Route Creator plugin*
  • Add advanced image editing features to your thermal photos and files.

*Optional plugin






Tips for Using FLIR Thermal Studio Pro

FLIR Thermal Studio - Image Management

FLIR Thermal Studio - Image Management

This educational video demonstrates how to edit thousands of images in a fraction of the time.

FLIR Thermal Studio - Create A New Template

FLIR Thermal Studio - Create A New Template

Learn how to create report templates that are tailored to your specific needs.

FLIR Thermal Studio - How to use Rapid Report

FLIR Thermal Studio - How to use Rapid Report

This video demonstrates how to analyze and process thousands of images in a fraction of the time.

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