Thermal Monitoring: Quality Control and Safety Game-changer in the Automotive Industry



Thermal monitoring solutions are quality control and safety game-changers for many processes in the automotive industry. For example, infrared thermography plays an important role in the detection of thermal anomalies within a process, such as welding, deformation, bonding and hardening. A safety game-changer as well, thermal monitoring can be instrumental in early fire detection of at-risk batteries.

In this webinar hosted by Teledyne FLIR and Infraservice, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Infraservice uses Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging cameras to optimize safety and efficiencies in the automotive industry.

Join our webinar to learn how FLIR thermal imaging cameras in an Infraservice system:

• Enable operators to gain insight into their entire process

• Provide critical data in real-time for informed decision making

• Add another layer of safety to your facility and process