What is VividIR?

These days you have plenty of choices when shopping for a mobile thermal camera accessory, with a range of features, apps, and resolutions. One of them many reasons to go with a FLIR ONE® device is our proprietary image enhancement, FLIR VividIRTM.

So what exactly is VividIR?

VividIR is an advanced camera processing feature that includes combining multiple images for more thermal data. It applies these image enhancements to your FLIR ONE thermal images in real time, reducing blur and improving detail.

vivid ir comparison.jpg

The result is a crisp, brilliant thermal image you can only get from FLIR.

Water Heater comparison.JPG

Why is VividIR important?

For professional thermal camera users, VividIR can be key to detecting problems quickly and understanding what they're seeing throughout an inspection. When combined with FLIR MSX® (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging), thermal images from a FLIR ONE mobile device provide the added detail and perspective needed to make critical repair decisions quickly.

Which models offer VividIR?

The great news is you have several choices if you want a FLIR ONE model with VividIR. The new FLIR ONE Edge Pro, the FLIR ONE Pro, and the FLIR ONE Pro LT all offer this FLIR-exclusive image enhancement.


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