Sensor Periodic Table

Featuring over 100 machine vision sensors - never memorize sensor names and specifications again!

Updated for 2022 - The Teledyne machine vision sensor periodic table is a useful resource for system designers looking to quickly compare sensor specifications including resolution, pixel size, frame rates and optical formats. Now with more than 100 widely used machine vision sensors including third generation Sony Pregius, fourth generation Sony Pregius S, e2v, onsemi, OmniVision, CMOSIS, and GPixel, this periodic table also visually differentiates CCD, CMOS rolling and CMOS global shutter sensors.

With so many sensors to choose from, we understand that it could be tricky to keep track of them. This handy resource organizes currently available machine vision sensors in an easy-to-understand colour coded periodic table with an overview of important specifications. We suggest printing this free poster and pinning it up on your wall for easy reference.