May 2023 Developer Update

Hello Teledyne FLIR Developers,

 Thanks for your continued support into 2023. Our focus the last few months has been on the new FLIR ONE Edge Pro. Many apps have been updated to be compatible with the new wireless model and we are receiving very positive feedback from customers regarding this latest FLIR innovation. Don't forget that the Mobile SDK is also compatible with the full range of Handheld Thermal Cameras for Condition Monitoring. 


New Mobile SDK Version Now Released! 

 The Mobile SDK 1.15 is now available for approved developers via the Developer Hub. Here are some of the changes:

  • [iOS] [Android] Initial version of FLIR ONE Edge Pro simulator  
  • [iOS] [Android] Fixed duplication of streams when calling FLIRCamera.getStreams() after reconnection
  • [iOS] [Android] Updated color palette handling
  • [Android] Added support for rendering live stream image to GLSurfaceView 
  • [Android] Added a helper allowing to determine FLIR ONE Camera type from Live / CameraInformation


Developer Program Site and Registration Process

 Not an approved developer yet? Visit the Mobile SDK Page for details and instructions.