FLIR Mobile SDK for Blackview BL9000 Pro

Develop Android OS apps that harness the thermal power from Teledyne FLIR

Blackview BL9000 Pro.png

Create new markets, enhance existing processes.  Whether you are an existing CAT S62 Pro app developer looking for a replacement thermal smartphone, or a new enterprise client looking to create an app around the Teledyne FLIR ecosystem, Teledyne FLIR is pleased to announce the the Blackview BL9000 Pro to our ecosystem. The Blackview BL9000 Pro 5G rugged thermal smartphone is the only authorized rugged smartphone to be used with the latest Mobile SDK.

Your mobile apps for the latest Android-based BL9000 Pro can integrate thermal data, images, and video from the embedded Teledyne FLIR Lepton thermal camera module! The FLIR Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) from Teledyne FLIR is an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible development platform that enables app developers to create powerful and creative apps

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