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identiFINDER R300 Datasheet
System Overview
Data Storage
2GB internal memory; up to 600,000 spectra
Training Requirements
< 10 mins for operator; 1 day for advanced user
Operating Humidity
10 to 93%
Operating Temperature
-4 to 122 °F(-20 to 50 °C)
Storage Temperature
14 to 95 °F (-10 to 35 °C)
Global Positionsing System [GPS] [removable]
66-channel MediaTek MT3329 receiver; sensitivity ≥165 dBm
Physical Features
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1.3 x 2.8 x 4.9 in (3.3 x 7.0 x 12.5 cm) - with battery
≤0.8 lb (0.4 kg)
Enclosure & Protection
Aluminum housing; protection rating IP63 according to IEC 60529
Battery Specs
Internal single cell Li-ion; ≥24 h operational battery life; recharge ≤3 h when using AC; recharge >5.5 h when using USB
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC (wall and car adapters and USB cable supplied)
Start Up Time
< 2 mins from cold start
Sampling & Analysis
Nuclide Identification
According to ANSI N42.48
Sample Introduction
Absorption of EM gamma or neutron emissions
Sampling & Analysis
From a few seconds to minutes
Detects neutron or gamma radiation emitted from natural occurrences in the environment, special nuclear material, industrial, or medical material
System Interface
USB 2.0; mini-B socket; Bluetooth® ≤50 m range (removable)
On-board webserver software
Display and Alerts
Transflective color LCD
Dose Rate & Accuracy (Cs-137)
≤100 nSv/h – 10mSv/h (≤10 µrem/h – 1.0 rem/h); ±30 %
Energy Range [Gamma]
Identification channel 30 keV - 3 MeV
Gamma [CdZnTe]
Three crystals 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.2 in (15 x 13 x 5 mm)
Gamma Spectrum
1,024 channels; 3 MeV
Neutron Sensitivity
2.6 cps/nv; ±20 %
Neutrons (He-3)
0.6 x 2.1 in (15 x 54 mm)
Overload Threshold
Product Variants
Z1 and ZH2
Service Interval
5 year factory maintenance
Spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD)
Typical Resolution
≤3.5 % FWHM at 662 keV