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Neutrino SWaP+C Series

HOT FPA MWIR Camera Core

The new Neutrino LC is a SWaP+C optimized Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) camera core, setting a new standard for size, weight, performance and cost. Designed for integrators, the Neutrino LC is compact and configurable, weighing in at only 380 grams with a steady power consumption of <4 watts, in a steady state @23 °C. Smaller, lighter, and more reliable than ever, the Neutrino LC delivers superb thermal imagery backed by industry-leading integration support from FLIR.

FLIR Neutrino Integrated Solutions

Neutrino™ LC/CZ 19-290

FLIR is now offering Neutrino Integrated Solutions – Our best MWIR cooled camera cores now with FLIR’s own zoom lenses, a cost-effective solution with superior performance and faster time to market. FLIR zoom lenses and cameras are designed together to guarantee a simplified opto-mechanical integration and user interface. The Neutrino LC/CZ 19-290 solution provides a SWaP optimized, 19-290mm continuous zoom lens precision integrated with the Neutrino LC camera core. With a common and simplified user interface, the Neutrino LC/CZ 19-290 provides smooth, 15X continuous zoom covering a 1.9° to 27° FOV range. It is fully athermalized over a wide operating temperature range and is auto focus capable.

Neutrino Performance Series

Highest Resolution MWIR Camera Module

The performance series includes the FLIR Neutrino QX and SX12. Neutrino SX12 is based on a FLIR 1280×1024/12µ resolution focal plane array (FPA) and has a frame rate of 120HZ 720P and >60Hz for SXGA. Neutrino QX is based on a FLIR 2048×1536/10µ FPA and has a frame rate of 60Hz 1080P and >30Hz QXGA. With these resolutions and frame rates, they are ideal for ground based or airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), counter UAS solutions and Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) applications.


Midwave Infrared Cooled Camera Module

Where SWaP are design constraints, and cost and performance is desired, Neutrino™ is the ideal solution. The Neutrino offers FLIR'scommon image processing architecture and the resulting image from the 640×512 InSb array is superb! Weighing in at less than 16 oz (<450 gm) and consuming less than 5 watts at steady-state, it is FLIR's balanced MWIR core optimizing performance, cost, and ease of integration.

Mini-Core HRC

Midwave Infrared (MWIR) Cooled Camera Module

The FLIR Mini-Core HRC mid-wave camera core is available in multiple configurations, making it extremely OEM-friendly. 300Z comes with continuous optical zoom; 460T comes with three lenses that are instantaneously remotely interchangeable depending on whether you need to see far, middle distance or near; if your application calls for a consistent field of view, then you can select fixed, interchangeable lenses; or, you can select a lens-less core wherein you implement your own optical path.


Midwave Infrared (MWIR) Cooled Camera Module

The FLIR µCore-275Z mid-wave camera core provides OEMs with an extremely compact, turnkey cooled core solution. Operating in the 3-5 micron waveband, µCore-275Z is lightweight and easy to integrate into small products such as airborne gimbals.