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Bumblebee® XB3 FireWire

The Bumblebee® XB3 is a 3-sensor multi-baseline IEEE-1394b (800Mb/s) stereo camera designed for improved flexibility and accuracy. It features 1.3 mega-pixel sensors and has two baselines available for stereo processing. The extended baseline and high resolution provide more precision at longer ranges, while the narrow baseline improves close range matching and minimum-range limitations.

Bumblebee®2 FireWire

The Bumblebee®2 stereo vision camera provides a balance between 3D data quality, processing speed, size and price. Developed as a drop-in replacement for the original Bumblebee camera, the Bumblebee2 also features increased frame rate and a GPIO connector for external trigger and strobe functionality.

Triclops SDK

The Triclops™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is included with all FLIR IEEE-1394 Stereo Vision products and is used to provide real-time depth range images using stereo vision technology.