Military & Defense Training

Initial and recurrent training for Operators and Maintainers

FLIR has a number of training options available as part of our commitment to support our customers over the life of the systems they have in service.

Operator Training

Operator training will cover all of the aspects needed to begin to deploy your systems operationally. This can include information on the fundamentals of infrared, system components, and tactical system deployment.


FLIRSim is a computer-based operator training system that gives your crews the affordable, on-going training they need to keep their skills sharp. Perfect for initial, transition, and refresher training, mission rehearsal, and operator evaluation, FLIRSim provides a valuable training environment without the cost of putting an aircraft in the air.
FLIRSim Datasheet


To keep your systems running in top shape and troubleshoot any issues you may have, FLIR has a number of different levels of Maintenance training. Contact FLIR for details.

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