Photon GUI

The Photon Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a PC program that enables remote command and control of Photon functions and features through an RS-232 serial interface to the camera. IMPORTANT: Make sure there is only one version of the GUI installed at a time on your computer. If you intend to upgrade from v1.2 to v2.4, be sure to completely uninstall v1.2 first by using the Add or Remove Programs function of the Control Panel in Windows.

NOTE: If you purchased a Photon camera during or after 2008, you should use the FLIR Camera Controller GUI. The FLIR Camera Controller GUI continues to be updated and supported. The Photon GUI will not be updated beyond v2.4.

Download Photon GUI v2.4.0 (Zip file, 30.1MB) For all Photon cameras delivered beginning in 2008. See NOTE above.
Download Photon GUI v1.2.0 (Zip file, 29.4MB)** For Photon 320 cameras delivered prior to 2008.

**The Photon GUI v1.2 supports software versions,,,, and With very few exceptions, these software versions are installed on Photon 320 cameras delivered before 2008.

The Photon GUI v2.4.0 supports Photon 640, as well as all other software versions of Photon 320 and lower resolution Photon cameras. If you are not sure of the software version, download the Photon GUI v2.4.0 and check the about tab for the camera software version. If you have software version,,,,, or you must uninstall Photon GUI v1.9.0 and then install Photon GUI v1.2.0. If you have any other software version, you have the correct GUI.

We suggest extracting the GUI files into a folder. Then, run the setup.exe file. During the install process you will be prompted to select the features you want to install, and de-select the features you do not want to install.

Unless you are using an Ethernet module, we recommend deselecting the Ethernet install option. You can always re-install the Ethernet option at a later time.

.CAM and .ICD Files for digital data acquisition using Bit Flow or National Instruments frame grabbers.

Download Bit Flow Road Runner Model 14 .cam file for Photon 320 (Zip file, 1KB)
Download Bit Flow Road Runner Model 14 .cam file for Photon 640 (Zip file, 1KB)
Download NI IMAQ PCI-1422 .icd file for Photon 320 (Zip file, 1KB)
Download NI IMAQ PCI-1422 .icd file for Photon 640 (Zip file, 1KB)

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