What is MeterLink™ ?

MeterLink™ - a wireless connection between infrared cameras and Extech instruments launched by FLIR

The MeterLink™ simplifies the work of an electrical or building inspector by making it possible to transfer, via Bluetooth™, the data acquired by the measurement instrument into the infrared camera and implement it on the infrared image for accurate, coordinated documentation. The new MeterLink™ technology saves time and eliminates the risk of faulty records or notes.

For example, during infrared inspections of electrical components, users can transmit key electrical readings such as current or voltage from a MeterLink™-enabled Extech EX845 1000A AC/DC clamp meter directly to a FLIR infrared camera. For building professionals concerned with tracking moisture and water ingress, MeterLink™ works with the Extech InspectorPro MO297 multi-function moisture meter and psychrometer.

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