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Model: FLIR Tau SWIR
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FLIR Tau® SWIR and broadened spectral range Tau Vis-SWIR provides outstanding short-wave infrared image quality and performance over a wide range of imaging and light level conditions. It is the ideal OEM SWIR imaging module for applications like hyperspectral instrumentation, silicon inspection, electro-optical payloads, art restoration, and portable imaging. The Tau SWIR camera incorporates the FLIR high resolution 640×512 ISC1202 Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) 15-micron pitch focal plane array (FPA) and includes several advanced camera controls features.

High Performance SWIR Camera Core for OEMs

  • Market Leading Features

    With a high resolution InGaAs 640×512/15µm FPA and on-chip correlated double sampling (CDS) for noise reduction Tau SWIR can meet any mission requirements.

  • Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) Optimized

    With a compact form factor, light weight (<81 grams), and less than 3.2 W power consumption (at room temperature) Tau SWIR has the SWaP you need.

  • Technical Performace

    Tau SWIR has greater than 65% quantum efficiency and a full suite of FLIR’s advanced image processing modes.

Tau SWIR - Model: FLIR Tau SWIR

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