Pan/Tilt for payloads up to 12 lbs


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The PTU-D47 computer-controlled pan/tilt is compact, lightweight, versatile, and field-proven across hundreds of applications. It is a low-cost, off the-shelf solution for positioning camera, laser, antenna, or other payloads up to 12 pounds. It features a fully-integrated, mil-style controller with a single weatherized connection for power and pan/tilt control, as well as optional payload signal management. The side-mount bracket allows positioning payloads for a lower center-of-gravity, and for mounting multiple payloads (top and side).

Flexible, Sophisticated Positioning Solution

  • Rugged Precision Pointing

    Precise, real-time control of position, speed, and acceleration — plus a rigid worm gear design — provides steady positioning in windy environments and vehicle-mounted applications.

  • Integration Made Easy

    With flexible top and/or side payload mounting options, an integrated controller, and a single connector for all video, control, power interfaces, D47 integrates easily.

  • Powerful Performance

    Featuring precise control of position, speed, and acceleration, RS-232/-485 control, IP66 rating for outdoor and marine applications, and CE mark certification, D47 pan/tilts are a complete solution.

Max Pan Speed
Max Payload Weight [nominal]
Side Mount: 12 lb
Max Tilt Speed
Min Pan Speed
Min Tilt Speed
Pan Range
+/- 159° (+/- 180° with extended range mode)
Position Resolution
0.013° (1/2 step), 0.0032° (1/8 step)
Tilt Range
-47° to +31° from level (78°range)
Electrical & Mechanical
Payload Mounting
Side and/or top

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