Boowon BW80H-1000,  8 mm Microlens S-Mount - ACC-01-4002

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FLIR offers a selection of lenses for your convenience so you can start imaging right away. Selecting a lens can be challenging with multiple factors to consider. FLIR has three great resources to help you select the right mount, optical format, and focal length.

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  • Selecting a Lens for your Camera Article

    This article reviews and provides guidance on factors to consider including: camera lens mount, lens focal length, sensor size, and sensor spatial resolution and megapixel lenses. See link further below on this page.

  • Lens Calculator Tool

    Use our interactive Lens Calculator tool to calculate focal length, field of view, or object distance. See link further below on this page

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    Our international Sales team is available to help. Click the Inquiry button and ask us a question. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible.

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S Mount (M12)
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Boowon BW80H-1000,  8 mm Microlens S-Mount - ACC-01-4002

£8.00 ex. VAT £9.60 inc. VAT (20 %)