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Long Range Measurement & Tracking

Most people associate thermal imaging in the defense sector with “seeing the enemy”. However, thermal imaging cameras are used today for government test lab and military test range applications as well as aerospace and astronomy applications to include tracking, target signature, laser designation and scoring, munitions testing, adaptive optics, and technical surveillance and countermeasures. The information contained in thermal imagery allow researchers to characterize objects in the thermal spectrum for identification and improvements to their design.

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Thermal imaging camera systems complement video tracking systems by increasing visibility in low light or unfavorable haze conditions, allowing the tracking system to maintain target contact and constantly update the target’s bearing, range, and elevation.


Professional Thermal Camera

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Laser designators emit a beam of laser energy used to mark a specific place or object, usually for precision-guided munitions. Near Infrared (NIR) cameras can detect these otherwise invisible beams and are used in designator research and targeting validation.

FLIR A655sc

High-Resolution Science Grade LWIR Camera