R&D/Science Customers Reveal how FLIR Solutions Save Reduce Test Times and Save Money


In the fast paced world of product development and scientific research, the need to reduce testing times, improve product performance, and reduce overall product and testing costs has never been greater.  FLIR’s R&D/Science products provide the tools to meet these goals through quick and intuitive thermal measurement and analysis solutions.  With products that offer clear benefits at every price point, FLIR provides a quick and measureable return on investment.

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

Recently TechValidate surveyed FLIR’s R&D/Science customers.  They asked them how FLIR’s thermal cameras solutions helped them improve their business. The overwhelming response was Faster test times and increased savings. Of those surveyed, over 71% of the customers cut their testing and product development times in half! They showed more than 2x faster test times using FLIR’s thermal measurement solutions.  This lead in part to an average cost savings of over $55k.

To learn more about how FLIR’s R&D/Science infrared camera solutions can deliver similar results for your organization, request your free consultation from our Science Segment Engineers.

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