With a thermal imaging camera down the Neva River

FLIR Systems Navigator Pan/Tilt facilitates night-time navigation

"The Neva is a beautiful River," explains Mr. Vadim Gorbunov proud owner of a Sunseeker, Manhattan-66. "Just like any river it can be dangerous as well. Not only yachts are sailing the river, smaller recreational vessels and jet-skis are using it as well. Not only during daytime, but also in the dark. They are not always easy to see from a distance and an accident can happen. Since the boating season is relatively short in Russia due to the weather conditions, I like to use my boat as much as possible. I enjoy going out early, sometimes even before sunrise, and come back to the harbor very late. Any tool that can help me to navigate during the dark hours is therefore an asset."

"When I visited the "Moscow International Boat & Yacht Show", I came in contact with Mr. Miroslav Grishin, CEO from Radio-Navigator Co., Ltd. Mr. Grishin is a distributor of FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras for maritime applications in Russia. He explained me how thermal imaging works, that it does not need any light to produce a crisp image, and the benefits of using thermal imaging on board of a yacht. I was impressed and wanted to test the system so that I could see it myself."

FLIR Systems Navigator Pan/Tilt facilitates night-time navigation

Boating season is short in Russia, due to the weather conditions. Owners want to use their yachts as much as possible. The "Tortuga" (right), a Sunseeker yacht, uses the FLIR Systems Navigator Pan/Tilt, installed above the bridge, in order to make the most of the short-lived Russian boating season, in day and at night.


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