Smart traffic management in the city of Darmstadt

As part of a larger urban zone across the southern part of the German Rhine Main Area, the city of Darmstadt does not escape from the present-day woes of traffic congestion. Smart traffic sensors positioned across the city and smart software collecting all the information from these sensors, help to put a stop to this worrying trend.

Traffic sensors from FLIR have found their way across Germany, including the city of Darmstadt. TrafiCam x-stream sensors detect the presence of vehicles at Darmstadt traffic lights and allow those lights to be controlled more efficiently. Data about queues and congestion levels is continuously collected and fed into the traffic management system. Also FLIR pedestrian presence sensors are used to manage traffic lights and help make vulnerable road users make a safe crossing.

Needless to say that the installation of these many different sensors and cameras across the city results in a complex network of information. Luckily, there’s a system that turns all this data into useful information for traffic authorities.

“With the Flux video detection management system, Darmstadt traffic operators have a very useful tool that makes the wide variety of traffic information presentable and digestible,” comments Benjamin Schiereck, sales manager for Germany. “Based on the data visualized and reported by the Flux system, they can optimize city traffic lights according to peak hours, and gather data about queues during roadworks for example.”