Confirmation & Analysis

CBRNE and HAZMAT emergencies rarely occur in the safety of a laboratory – they can happen anywhere. The Griffin series of forensic analysis tools deliver lab quality results in field-ready packages that anyone can use. The common simplified user interface offers quick, simple and accurate answers that lead you to action.

Griffin G400-Series Mobile GC/MS

The Griffin G400-series of GC/MS products offer lab-quality chemical identification in compact, field-ready packages. Offering simple threat alarms, complete analytical tools for expert users, and a broad range of prepless sampling tools, these high performing systems offer unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

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Agentase C40  

Fido X80 Desktop Trace Detector

The FLIR Fido X80 is a desktop trace detector that is used to screen personal belongings, parcels, cargo, skin, vehicles, and other surfaces for explosives and narcotics threats. It delivers the industry’s lowest operational false alarm rate, offers expandability to address future threats without impacting sensitivity or false alarm rate, and eliminates lengthy bake-outs.

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Fido X80