Fido® NXT Explosives Trace Detector

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the lightweight and rugged Fido® NXT delivers fast, accurate and consistent explosives detection capabilities for combat, physical security and anti-terrorism operations. The expanded detection capabilities and reduced size of the Fido NXT enables the system to be easily integrated into existing security measures.

The Fido NXT features a simplified user interface with a GO/NO GO response suitable for novice users. Additional response information is available via the administrator mode for fully trained operators and system administrators. The system provides on-screen prompts for the majority of user actions to overcome issues related to intermittent usage and the associated loss of training knowledge enabling both novice operators and explosives experts to use the device with confidence.

User-friendly design

Encased in a ruggedized magnesium shell, the Fido NXT operates in all environments and has passed one meter drop testing. This extremely sensitive device can operate for a full eight hours on a single battery and requires no calibration. The Fido NXT starts up quickly, in less than five minutes, and swiftly clears down after an explosives alert to permit rapid throughput.

The ergonomic design of the Fido NXT enables standardized, consistent sample presentation for enhanced analysis. This new design mitigates the potential for interference from weapons, communications systems, and other devices. With all-weather and day/night capability combined with visible, audible and tactile alerting options, the Fido NXT is ideally suited to covert operations or screening in high risk or high threat environments.

Fido NXT Explosives Detector