FLIR TA72 and TA74 Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory

FLIR TA72 & TA74
Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory

The FLIR Universal Flex Current Probe accessories are designed to add capabilities, simplify challenges, and get the best readings with your existing meter. Made with a narrow flexible coil clamp, the TA72 and TA74 let you easily take measurements in tight or awkward spots — a difficult task with a traditional hard jaw clamp meter. The connection is a standard banana plug and the output is a voltage signal, so it’s compatible with most DMMs and clamp meters, regardless of brand.

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Take accurate measurements in tight or awkward spots

Snake the coil around obstacles with ease, even in deep, crowded cabinets

Tricky conductors conquered

Measure multiple conductors and targets with limited clearance

Switchable AC current range

30A, 300A, 3000A

Compatible with most DMMs and clamp meters

Standard banana plug connectors fit most meters, and AC voltage output enables wide compatibility

Bright, dual LED work lights

Make your work safer/easier in poorly lit locations – especially useful when the lights are out or obstacles block your inspection targets

Drop tested to 3 meters

Portable, lightweight, and tangle-free without compromising measurement range

Limited Lifetime Warranty with Registration


Choose from two flexible coil lengths

  • TA72 - 10” (25.4cm) for easy maneuverability and compact convenience
  • TA74 - 18” (45.72 cm) for larger and multiple conductor measurements, double-wrap requirements, and deeper access

If you’re looking for a standalone flexible clamp meter that can take accurate measurements in tight or awkward spots for easy inspection and navigation, check out the FLIR CM55/57 Flexible Clamp Meters

Part Number TA72 TA74
Maximum AC current 3000A
AC current ranges and resolution 30.00A, 300.0A, 3000A
Basic AC current accuracy (full scale) ± 3.0% + 5 digits
Measurement Rate 1.5 samples per second, nominal
AC current bandwidth 45Hz – 500Hz (sine wave)
Positional error (distance from optimum) 0.6" (15mm) ± 2.0%
1.0" (25mm) ± 2.5%
1.4" (35mm) ± 3.0%
1.4” (35mm) ±1.0%
2.0” (50mm) ±1.5%
2.4” (60mm) ±2.0%
Meter Data
Minimum requirements for meter compatibility with TA72 AC voltage function 4000 count display 1mV resolution
Max conductor diameter capacity 2.4" (6cm) 4.7" (12cm)
Flex coil length 10" (25 cm) 18" (45 cm)
Flex coil diameter 0.3” (7.5mm)
Flex coil tip diameter 0.5” (13mm)
Probe length 73" (1.9m)
Work light Two white LEDs
Power supply (2) 1.5V “AAA”
Drop test 9.8' (3m)
Agency approvals CE, UL
Safety rating CAT IV 600V,CAT III 1000V
Standards EN61010‐1, EN61010‐2‐032, EN61326-1
Warranty Limited lifetime with registration
FLIR TA72 and TA74 Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory  

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