Coolers Technology

CoolersFLIR invests heavily in cryo-coolers, developing coolers that are lighter, more reliable, and more efficient. The result is products that are lighter and run longer on battery power.

FLIR Systems has all the critical technologies needed to build state-of-the-art Infrared imaging systems under one roof: high-efficiency cryo-coolers, visible and infrared optics and coatings, lasers and laser components, camera cores, detectors and readouts (ROIC's). FLIR is a merchant supplier of much of this technology to the entire industry, including custom optics and laser components. FLIR's volume detector fabrication capability, ROIC development, OEM packaging and program management can provide you with the highest quality sensors at the lowest cost, andsupported by some of the most respected experts in the industry.

FLIR Systems’ microcoolers are available as standalone cryogenic coolers or as complete detector systems. System components include a detector array, integral long-life vacuum dewar, and command and control electronics with demand refrigeration. Closed-loop control of the temperature is possible to within 0.01 K of the user-adjustable set point. Whether your system works in the visible or infrared bands, or involves spectroscopy, lasers, high-temperature superconductivity, or cooler MOS technologies, FLIR Systems provides custom engineering to meet your system requirements and deliver a complete solution.