This product has been discontinued. Take a look at our Encoders/Decoders.


Distributed Intelligent Video Encoder

The trk4000d is a four-channel, dual-stream encoder that adds video analytic capabilities to standard surveillance cameras, turning them into powerful, real-time video detection devices.

By analyzing captured video signals, the device sends alarms to notify of people, vehicles and objects that cross a perimeter, enter a pre-defined region, are left behind or are removed from a scene. Users can set customizable rules and criteria to define the perimeter and what to detect.

For sites with Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras, once a moving object is detected, the unit controls and moves the PTZ camera, to track and zoom in on the threat.

Hybrid connectivity to legacy and IP-based CCTV networks is enabled through analog and IP streaming video outputs. This rack-mountable unit supports four video channels without the requirement of additional components for video analysis, andcan be configured by standard web browser. It can be set-up in less than five minutes.